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Vision & Hearing Screening Specialist

Allyson Agathis, MD, FAAP

Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine located in Bedminster, NJ

Vision and hearing screenings are an important part of well-child checkups. At her practice in Bedminster, New Jersey, Allyson Agathis, MD, FAAP, offers your child age-appropriate vision and hearing screenings to ensure these senses are developing correctly. If a problem is found, you get the appropriate evaluation and care for your child’s needs. She offers both participatory and non-participatory screenings for patients who are developmentally disabled or not able to respond easily. Call the office today to schedule your child’s vision and hearing screening.

Vision & Hearing Screening Q & A

Why are vision and hearing screenings important?

Right after birth at the hospital, your newborn should have been evaluated for hearing and vision irregularities. But problems with these senses can develop as your child matures. 

Vision and hearing screenings catch these issues that may develop in the months or years after you bring your baby home.

What types of issues can vision screenings detect?

One in four school-aged children has significant vision problems. Issues with sight, even minor ones, can negatively affect their school work, social relationships, and motor skill development.

Common childhood eye conditions include:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Lazy eye
  • Eye misalignment

Vision screenings usually consist of a visual acuity test for near and far testing, color vision screening, and muscle balance testing test as well as a visual look at the health of your child’s eyes. If Dr. Agathis suspects a problem, she may refer you to an ophthalmologist for further evaluation and treatment.

When are vision screenings scheduled?

Dr. Agathis checks your newborn’s eyes for basic indicators of eye health. Vision and hearing screenings are done yearly. If you suspect a problem with your child’s eyesight at any age, however, you can request a vision screening.

When will my child receive hearing screenings?

Hearing problems are less common than vision problems. Hearing issues typically develop after birth and negatively impact speech and language development, school performance, and your child’s well-being.

All babies are screened for hearing loss before they reach 1 month of age. If Dr. Agathis suspects hearing loss, she refers you to a specialist for a comprehensive hearing exam.

Children who are considered at risk for hearing loss should have a hearing test by 2-2½ years of age. This may be younger for patients who received antibiotic therapy in the nursery. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends hearing and vision screenings regularly.

Of course, if you suspect your child has trouble hearing, don’t wait for one of these standard screenings. Contact the office to request a screening right away.

Get your child the vision and hearing screenings they need. Call Allyson Agathis, MD, to book an appointment.