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In-office CLIA-Certified Lab Specialist

Allyson Agathis, MD, FAAP

Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine located in Bedminster, NJ

Getting your child to the doctor can be stressful, and if they need additional lab work done, traveling to another location just compounds that stress. At her practice in Bedminster, New Jersey, Allyson Agathis, MD, FAAP, offers an in-office, moderately complex federal and state CLIA-certified laboratory. No need to travel elsewhere for your child’s blood draws or other screenings. Call today to schedule your appointment.

In-Office CLIA-Certified Lab Q & A

What is an in-office, CLIA-certified lab?

CLIA stands for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, a federal designation meaning a laboratory is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to accept human samples for diagnostic testing. 

Basically, a CLIA certification means that the in-house lab at Allyson Agathis, MD, follows the highest standards including passing proficiency testing standards and submitting samples for grading. The Moderate designation means the laboratory can run more sophisticated testing than most other offices.

What services are offered by the in-office, CLIA-certified lab?

At Allyson Agathis, MD, the lab provides numerous essential services for your child, including:

  • Venous or capillary blood drawing and submission of samples to Quest, Labcorp, or specialized Tick Laboratories
  • Urinalysis and urine cultures
  • Overnight throat cultures
  • Rapid diagnostic testing for Strep, Influenza and COVID-19
  • Stool testing for blood

  • BIOFIRE Respiratory Panel testing. 19 Viruses with one nasal swab! Decrease use of unnecessary antibiotics

Your child also benefits from COVID-19 testing for diagnosis and antibody detection offered by the in-house lab.

Who needs testing at the in-house, CLIA-certified lab?

If your child has a sore throat, flu symptoms, or signs of a urinary tract infection, they may benefit from lab screenings to identify the infection. Standard blood tests, like complete blood counts and comprehensive nutrition panels, may also be drawn and analyzed.

Your child may have yearly blood work if they take medications regularly to make sure their medications are not affecting their bone marrow or liver function. Children on anti-epileptic or other medication may need to have drug levels drawn.

Patients whose parents have thyroid issues may be screened yearly for thyroid levels. Patients may need vitamin or other micronutrient levels drawn to make sure their nutrition is optimal. Children with chronic health conditions, like diabetes, who need regular lab screenings also benefit from the in-house laboratory.

Why is an in-office, CLIA-certified lab beneficial for my child?

One of the primary benefits of an in-house lab is convenience. You don’t have to take your child to another, separate location for testing. They get tests done in the comfort of a familiar office by team members they know and trust.

Plus, you as a parent don’t have to wait at another facility, take the time to travel, and fill out additional paperwork.

An in-house lab also means there’s no confusion about the tests to be performed. Results come back in a timely manner – for rapid diagnostic flu, COVID-19, and strep testing, it’s the same day.

Accurate and speedy results mean your child gets the care they need as quickly as possible. This means they’re on the road to recovery that much sooner. 

Call Allyson Agathis, MD, to set up an appointment so your child can take advantage of the in-office CLIA-certified lab.