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Preservative-Free Flu Shots & Vaccines Specialist

Allyson Agathis, MD, FAAP

Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine located in Bedminster, NJ

Protect your child from devastating illnesses with vaccinations offered by Allyson Agathis, MD, FAAP, at her practice in Bedminster, New Jersey. Dr. Agathis offers preservative-free flu shots and vaccines to give your child the best possible immunity. Call the office today to schedule your child’s vaccines or flu shot.

Preservative-Free Flu Shots & Vaccines Q & A

Why are preservative-free flu shots and vaccinations so important for my child?

Vaccinations provide your child the best defense against many serious, contagious, and potentially life-threatening diseases. A child’s immune system, especially that of a newborn baby, is not yet developed and unable to fully protect against these serious diseases. 

A vaccine introduces your child to a small amount of the contagion. This small amount isn’t enough to make your child sick but can help them build up defenses against the illness so if they do come into contact with it in the future, their body knows how to protect itself.

Preservative-free versions of vaccines do not contain thimerosal, an antifungal and antiseptic agent. Some vaccines contain this preservative to prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria, or other harmful microorganisms. 

The vaccines provided at Allyson Agathis, MD are pure and contain only the ingredients necessary to protect your child from disease.

Why should my child receive preservative-free flu shots and vaccines?

It’s highly recommended that your child receive vaccines to protect against illnesses like measles, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough. 

Immunizing your child also helps protect those in the community who cannot receive vaccinations because of underlying health conditions or allergies. A strong vaccination protocol in the United States has caused many of these devastating diseases to reach their lowest levels in history.

Schools, daycares, and some camps may also require you to vaccinate your child to help keep them and other children safe.

Are preservative-free flu shots and vaccines safe?

Vaccines protect your child from severe disease and outweigh any tiny risks associated with the immunization process. These immunizations have been used for years and go through rigorous research before being offered to the public.

Discuss any concerns you may have with Dr. Agathis. She has over three decades of medical and clinical experience working with thousands of children and families. 

She’ll let you know the tremendous benefits as well as the potential side effects, which are most commonly soreness, mild fever, and swelling at the site of the injection. 

For more information about preservative-free flu shots and vaccinations, contact the office of Allyson Agathis, MD, to book an appointment.