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Vision & Hearing Screenings in Bedminster

Dr. Agathis performs both vision and hearing screenings during well-child checkups. If she suspects a vision or hearing problem, she will evaluate your child further and recommend any necessary further evaluation, treatment or recommendation to a specialist.

You should know that one in four school-aged children have significant vision problems. Too many children go through childhood with untreated visual impairments that can negatively impact their schoolwork and lives. Too many common childhood eye conditions – nearsightedness, lazy eye (amblyopia) and eye misalignment (strabismus) – go untreated.

Hearing Problems Most Often Develop After Birth

Though less common than vision problems, hearing impairments can be mild to serious. Many children develop hearing problems after birth, which can negatively impact speech/language development, school performance and a child’s overall well-being. By identifying and treating hearing impairments by 6 months of age, Dr. Agathis can help prevent these unnecessary outcomes. Loud music and new technology such as headphones and earbuds can also affect hearing. That’s why she provides these screening services. We will evaluate hearing for any decrease and suggest healthy lifestyle changes.

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Location 395 Main Street
Bedminster, NJ 07921
Office #: 908-719-2626
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