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Complete Physical Exams in Bedminster

Yearly Physicals

We recommend annual physical exams for your children. Even if your school doesn’t require them, yearly physicals allow us to discuss you child’s development, nutrition, vaccinations, school issues and health behaviors – diet, mental health (which is very important), screening tests and blood work to spot issues not yet obvious. It allows us to complete both school health and activity forms.

We are often asked to perform medical evaluations required by most school districts, organizations or clubs to clear your child for participation in summer camps, specialty camps and other recreational activities. Dr. Agathis is happy to complete these forms during your child’s annual visit. If your child has already had an annual physical exam within the last 12 months and needs a camp physical at a later date, we may need to update your child’s medical history and provide a limited exam before giving medical clearance to participate.

Sports Physicals

Another frequent request Dr. Agathis receives is from parents who need medical evaluations and signed forms, which are required by school districts to clear your child for participation in certain physical activities such as organized team sports. These include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming and water polo. We are happy to complete these medical clearance forms during your child’s annual visit. We can often fill out the forms if it is within a year of the annual exam, or we may need to perform a limited exam depending on the circumstances.

Parents should be aware that health insurance plans have different coverage for yearly physicals. You should also know that Dr. Agathis is the district physician for Somerset Hills School District and the school physician for Far Hills Country Day School in Far Hills, NJ and Kent Place School in Summit, NJ.

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Location 395 Main Street
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